Equipment Required For Interpreting

All About Intrpreting Equipment

To be able to convey to your listeners the speech of a person who is speaking and they do not understand his language, you need an interpreter to translate the speaker’s speech AND the appropriate equipment so that the listeners can hear the interpreter’s voice. You can find out what you need at interpreting equipment.

The most common equipment used for translation is based on FM radio. For that you need a miniature radio station. When you start the translation process you first need a transmitter. There is a small portable transmitter that runs on batteries and you can take it with you everywhere, so you can translate on the go. There are also desktop transmitters that have a much longer range and are very easy to operate.

Interpreting Equipment

The next piece of equipment you need is a microphone. You connect it to the transmitter. There are multiple microphone options such as lapel microphones or desktop microphones or handheld microphones.

After that you have to provide a specialized radio receiver. It must be on a special frequency so that it can pick up only the transmitter you are working with.

Headphones are the next piece of equipment you need for translation. There are many options for which headphones you can get, but our recommendation is to use headphones that cover both ears. This will allow you to block out any other sounds that are around you and thus avoid them interrupting you during the translation process.

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