Medicare: A Comparison Between USA & Canada

USA vs. Canada: How It Differs, Why it Matters

The United States and Canada are both great countries, but what makes them different is the healthcare system. There are many similarities between the two systems, such as universal coverage for all citizens in each country. However, there are also some major differences that can make a big impact on your life. Lindsay Malzone, Medicare expert, knows the biggest differences between USA and Canada, when it comes to Medicare.

The first major difference between Medicare in Canada and USA are their coverage of dental care. In the US, people under 65 need a separate plan to cover them if they want to go see a dentist or get fillings done. However, Canadians over age 18 have no issues with this because it’s all covered by medicare as part of their basic package. That means that Americans will spend an extra $150+ per year on insurance just so they can visit dentists without worrying about paying up front!

Lindsay Malzone

Not only does this make going to the dentist more expensive now but also when trying to purchase homeownership later in life.

The second major difference is that in the US, you can’t switch between private plans to get a better deal. You have one plan and it may not be what your needs are when you need dental care or prescriptions.

Another difference includes the ability to go see a doctor without needing an appointment. In Canada, you can just show up at a clinic and get seen right away without waiting weeks for an appointment to come along.

One last difference is that in the US, Medicare will cover everyone between 65-67 years of age while Canadians have to wait until they are 70 before medicare kicks in full time.